New Season, New Table Runner


I decided to make a new table runner to celebrate the new season. I went with a blue and white theme and put together a bunch of my favorite patterns and colors. I love the bicycles. I think it’s from the Lucy’s Crab Shack line by Sweetwater from Moda. I did the backing and binding in a navy solid. I love the modern feel of it.

I did strips of different fabric sewn together in varying widths from 1″ to 4″. Then I sewed them to each other making sure to offset all of the seams.


I quilted it using straight lines in 1/4″ widths and I varied the stitch lengths. This was my first attempt at straight line stitching. I usually stitch in the ditch, but I like how the lines add to the modern aesthetic.



So, what did you all work on this weekend?



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