Quilted pillows


They are finished! I attached the envelope opening backs on these and stuffed them with their pillow forms. These are 20″ pillow covers. They are removable and washable. I love the way they turned out. The stars really pop and the green border adds the perfect touch of color.
I will be delivering these lovelies to my mom and dad in a week and a half, when we join them to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Tomorrow I am flying to Florida to join my best friend on a cross country trip as she moves back to Colorado. Stay tuned for some updates along the way. Savannah, the Biltmore, Chicago! It should be good times.
Here’s a final look at the back of the pillows. I added a bit of trim on the envelope opening edge using that gorgeous floral fabric.

Happy Friday (tomorrow)!



Cocktail (wreath) Anyone?


I love summer. The sunshine, the beach or pool, the green grass… I could go on and on, but one thing’s for sure, summer makes me smile.
A smile is something many of my fellow Coloradans could use lately. I have been so saddened by the devastation of the recent wildfire in Black Forest. It has impacted so many people, some I know well and some I’ve never met. It brings back the feeling of hopelessness that I felt a year ago with the Waldo Canyon fire also in Colorado Springs, which also impacted so many friends and family.
So as I continue to help any way I can and say extra prayers at night for those affected, I needed to do a little something to brighten my outlook. I saw this wreath idea on Pinterest many months ago and instantly knew I had to make one for the summer. So I started with a foam wreath form.

I also picked up a bunch of cocktail umbrellas from a great import store in Portland called Cargo, when I was there over my spring beak visiting my little sis. I bought four containers and only used two for my wreath.

Then I just opened the umbrellas and cut off about one inch from the end of each “toothpick” handle. Then I pushed them into the wreath form, making sure to overlap the umbrellas. I also had a glue gun handy to help secure a few loose umbrellas. Once I covered the entire form, I went back through and pushed in some more opened umbrellas to make it a bit more three dimensional.

The final wreath turned out great! Also don’t forget to add a ribbon to hang the wreath from. I added my pink ribbon right before I put in my last few umbrellas. I also didn’t cover the back of the form because I didn’t want it to stick out too mug from my door. I don’t have a good pic of the wreath on the door because the lighting is so bad, none of my pics turned out but here it is again before it was hung. I love it! Just the right amount of brightness and sunshine I needed this week!



New Season, New Table Runner


I decided to make a new table runner to celebrate the new season. I went with a blue and white theme and put together a bunch of my favorite patterns and colors. I love the bicycles. I think it’s from the Lucy’s Crab Shack line by Sweetwater from Moda. I did the backing and binding in a navy solid. I love the modern feel of it.

I did strips of different fabric sewn together in varying widths from 1″ to 4″. Then I sewed them to each other making sure to offset all of the seams.


I quilted it using straight lines in 1/4″ widths and I varied the stitch lengths. This was my first attempt at straight line stitching. I usually stitch in the ditch, but I like how the lines add to the modern aesthetic.



So, what did you all work on this weekend?