Quilted pillows


They are finished! I attached the envelope opening backs on these and stuffed them with their pillow forms. These are 20″ pillow covers. They are removable and washable. I love the way they turned out. The stars really pop and the green border adds the perfect touch of color.
I will be delivering these lovelies to my mom and dad in a week and a half, when we join them to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Tomorrow I am flying to Florida to join my best friend on a cross country trip as she moves back to Colorado. Stay tuned for some updates along the way. Savannah, the Biltmore, Chicago! It should be good times.
Here’s a final look at the back of the pillows. I added a bit of trim on the envelope opening edge using that gorgeous floral fabric.

Happy Friday (tomorrow)!



New Season, New Table Runner


I decided to make a new table runner to celebrate the new season. I went with a blue and white theme and put together a bunch of my favorite patterns and colors. I love the bicycles. I think it’s from the Lucy’s Crab Shack line by Sweetwater from Moda. I did the backing and binding in a navy solid. I love the modern feel of it.

I did strips of different fabric sewn together in varying widths from 1″ to 4″. Then I sewed them to each other making sure to offset all of the seams.


I quilted it using straight lines in 1/4″ widths and I varied the stitch lengths. This was my first attempt at straight line stitching. I usually stitch in the ditch, but I like how the lines add to the modern aesthetic.



So, what did you all work on this weekend?


Catching Up On March


Well I’m getting there. Here is my finished March block for the Sugar Block Club. I like it. I was waiting for a block to showcase that bear print! I think it will blend well with my other blocks. Apparently there is a storm on its way here. We’ll see what becomes of it. I’m not holding my breath for a snow day, but it sure would be nice!
One more block to get caught up. That one is paper piecing, which I have grown to love but seem to take a bit longer to put together. Ill keep you posted.

Happy Crafting!