7 More Days

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here.  It’s that time of year for us teacher’s out there.  The last month of school seems to be one of the most exhausting and busy months all year.  We are almost done, though.  I am grateful to have had such a wonderful group of students and parents this year.  I have to say, honestly, this is the most supportive, involved group of parents I’ve worked with in a long time. 

As for blogging is concerned, I am so impressed by those bloggers out there who post frequently and reliably.  I don’t know how they do it, but I guess they make it more of a priority than I do.  If I was getting paid to blog, it might be different, but sadly, blogging is the first thing to go to the wayside when I’m busy and overwhelmed. 

I have been doing some minimal crafting though!  Some crochet (using some of that lovely yellow Madelinetosh I mentioned a while back), and some sewing (I made a needlebook – first one ever – and it came out ok, but I don’t love it and it’s not great enough to share with you all.  Maybe the next one will be better.) I am in love with the idea of needlebooks right now.  I actually devoted an entire Pin board to them.  This is one of my fav’s.  It’s adorable!!  I found the picture on Pinterest but it was originally listed on England’s version of Etsy called Folksy.  I love this site, and honestly, I think it is so much cuter than Etsy.  Not sure why. 

I have also be doing a lot more reading.  I finished Beautiful Ruins and The Great Gatsby over the last few weeks.  Now I’m on to The Devil in the White City.  It is very interesting!  I love novels that weave real history into the story line, and this one is actually based on true events. The writer is quite adept at balancing the back story with the regular story line, and I am enjoying it very much. 



So, what have you been up to while I’ve been gone?



3 thoughts on “7 More Days

  1. Just found your blog, it is great! I recently read The Devil in the White City and loved it! I didn’t think I would be that interested in the architectural history, but it worked so well. Hope you enjoy it!

    • Thanks, Claire! I am really enjoying The Devil in the White City! I wasn’t too sure at first either. It’s nice to find a book that pushes my idea of what I think I’ll “like”. So glad you enjoy the blog. I hope to get more posts up here soon.

  2. I checked out Folksy and didn’t love it. I wanted to, seeing it’s from across the pond. What about it do you like better?

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