Well, as you can see, it is still winter here.  I feel bad for our trees.  They look so cold with their frosty layer of ice and snow.  This weather, cold, blustery, random snowflakes, ice, and did I mention cold? is supposed to last through Tuesday.  This has put a slight damper on my plans for this weekend.  Mainly because it is so cold in our downstairs that I don’t really want to go down there to sew or finish painting trim.  So I have busied myself upstairs surfing the computer and updating my resume.  I still can’t share our good news just yet…but…I can say that *hint, hint* the weather an hour north isn’t anymore appealing than here.  Bummer.  

On another note.  I got all of the bookmarks for our 3rd grade buddies sewn on Thursday night.  Here they are: 


Basically, I measure out Honey Bun strips from several collections and cut them to 16 inches.  Then folded them in half, ironed (sorry “pressed”) them, and quickly sewed them all around the edges.  The embellishments were added yesterday by my students, who were quite creative.  They glued yarn fringe on the ends, sewed buttons on, and glued sparkly decorations on them.  Some even used some glitter.  I know, glitter on a book mark?  But they love glitter.  I couldn’t say no.  And really, how much harm could come to a book with just a little glitter?  There were a few leftover bookmarks, so I made up one for myself.  


Finally, I made some good progress on “Winter”  I have completed most of the backstitching in the main panel and the backstitched border.  I also finished the top wide border.  I’m getting there.  Not much more to do. 



I just love her face.  Nora Corbett’s designs have such lovely facial features.  And I would love to know how she got her scarf to do that.  So pretty and French.  Doesn’t she look French?  I can just picture her planning out her Paris garden.  Well, I think I’ll go get a hot cup of tea, and get to work on finishing this project as I watch my latest movie from Netflix.  I think it is the Nanny Diaries.  Should be entertaining.  Ok, well, happy crafting to you all!  Hugs, Erica


One thought on “Brrrrrrrr…

  1. Erica, Looks like it is cold up there in Colorado Springs. It makes me cold just looking at the picture.
    You made a great variety of bookmarks, and it sounds like your project went well. I like the idea of the glitter. I’ll bet the third graders really liked them.
    You are almost finished with your Winter picture, and again I want to tell you how beautiful it is. I also like her face, wonder what she is planning to plant in her garden. I enjoy so much reading about your projects, and everything. I still think you should write a book.
    Hope you have a great week.
    Love You

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