Winter Almost Finished!


Ok, well I wish I could say that our winter season was almost finished, but by the look of the clouds making their way over Pikes Peak, I think that would be a lie.  Actually, as I look out my window, it is as if Pikes Peak, a 14,000 foot mountain has disappeared…and…it is snowing.  Nice (sarcasm).  I am glad to say that I am free of the stomach virus that plagued me for five straight days, and I actually feel bad for my students who are dropping like flies from (I’m guessing) the same bug.  Two of my coworkers have been out, along with about 10 students just in the last two days!  It is a nasty virus.  

But, on to more pleasant topics.  I have completed the main panel of my “winter” cross-stitch.  I am very pleased.  Now all I have left are the borders and the words.  Tonight, I will be very busy sewing twenty bookmarks for my students to embellish tomorrow for our 3rd grade buddies.  I completely forgot that this Friday was community service day.  Oops.  So I have some work to do tonight.  It shouldn’t take too long, and I will be taking a mandatory break from 7:00-9:00 for my TV hours.  As you all will notice, I did not get my valentines finished or sent.  So…beware of the random valentines!!!  I’m not saying anything more.  One more day till the weekend.  Yeah!  Hugs, Erica


2 thoughts on “Winter Almost Finished!

  1. Wow Erica, you have almost completed Winter, and she is beautiful. She will really look nice hanging next to the other finished one. You will have it done and ready for Spring, which I am sure you will be ready for in more ways than one.
    I am so glad that you are feeling better, and finally over that nasty flu bug you had. Take it easy this weekend, and relax.

    Love You

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