Congrats to the Graduates!

I have been quite crafty this week.  One of my students, who is graduating from 8th grade, that I’ve taught since she was in 6th grade, asked me to help make the invitations for her graduation party.  How could I say no?  (Ok actually quite easily if it had been some of my other students – just kidding).  Anyway, together we came up with a fabulous idea to cut out graduation hat shapes and make mini tassels for each invite.  She is inviting all of the 8th graders (luckily this is a small school – we only have about 26).  So, I made the tassels, and she glittered the hats.  The tassels are made from DMC floss, jewelry crimps, and a large star sequin.  Then the tassel was attached to the hat with a black brad and attached to the front of the invite.  Simple and to the point.  The inside was designed by my student.  She wanted a red border with graduation paper and then the info stamped on vellum and then written in.  The only problem is that the ink won’t dry on the vellum, so I’m having issues with that, but otherwise.  I think they look great!  Now I hope the kids appreciate all our hard work and don’t just throw them on the floor.  (Deep breaths…)


2 thoughts on “Congrats to the Graduates!

  1. Love them!! I think that they turned out great.

    It’s hard to get the ink to dry on the velum you just have to let it sit for a while. After that you might have to try blotting to see if the extra will just absorb off.

  2. They are great Erica. Are the school colors red, white and blue? What a great idea to use floss to make the tassle. You and your student should be very proud of them.

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