Some Flower Power

Here is my recent progress on my flower garden quilt.  Over the last two days and in about 3 hours or so, I’ve done 15 blocks.  Not too shabby, considering the quality control manager had to inspect every single piece (notice the green block on the bottom?  I didn’t even realize that it was flipped over until I had picked each piece up).  I’m really loving all of these flowers, but realized today that I have two more pieces of white to add to the bottom of each square.  So that will make a considerable difference in making the fabrics stand out even more. 

Tomorrow the plumber comes t fix the bathroom leak and then that will be over with.  Thank goodness.  These cold days (today was in the low 50’s-tomorrow and Sat. only in 40’s) are starting to wear on me.  I miss the Colorado blue skies and sunshine.  Hopefully they will return to us soon.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, where ever you are. 

Oh and one more thing.  Look at the beautiful Irish linen that my sister sent to me from Ireland for my birthday.  She is over there going to vet school (lucky girl).  Aren’t these gorgeous!  I think I have a great plan for these.  I want to incorporate them either into a quilt, or I think even better to showcase them, to put them each on their own pillow.  Now I just have to come up with a design. 


2 thoughts on “Some Flower Power

  1. Erica, looks like another beautiful quilt in the making. I really like the flower pattern, and the material. Can’t wait to see the finished project. The Irish linen is so beautiful. I have always heard how nice it was, and now I see. It was really nice of Megan to send them to you. I think it is wonderful.
    Hope you got your plumbing fixed, and can have a much nicer weekend this weekend. Stay warm. I think I lost my basil too. I brought it in the house, but it doesn’t look very good. It is suppose to freeze tonight, and I am hoping my peach tree won’t freeze as it is loaded with peaches. Guess I will see tomorrow. Love You

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