Classroom Update

Welcome to my classroom.  I went in on Friday and finished up most of my room.  All of my borders are up, I’ve put up a poster (I’m making some more because I can’t find any that I like that my middle schoolers will relate to), and I’ve set up my supply station in the back of the room.   I have a bunch of supplies that I put out for my students, because I’d rather they come into class and get what they need than just sit at their desk for 40 minutes doing nothing because they don’t have a pencil or some paper.  I also provide a lot of other things too that my students can use during workshop.  I have sticky notes, highlighters, colored pencils, crayons, pens, colored paper, glue sticks, staplers, tape, hole punches, etc.  I don’t believe that the only way students can do work is with a pencil and lined paper. My supply center has taken up residence on top of my laptop carts in the back of the room.

I love this bulletin board.  The banner says “Reading takes you places” and under it I have a world map.  Then I’m going to have push pins, string, and labels where kids can put a push pin into the map to show the main setting of books they have read and then they can take a string and link it to a label with the name of the book, author, and exact place.  I think it will be a fun way to have an interactive bulletin board.

Here is the poster I bought.  I really like the message and the colors.  Also, don’t you love that border.  It’s new from Susan Winget.

And finally, the view.  Need I say more??


4 thoughts on “Classroom Update

  1. Looks good! Hope your year is fantastic! Love the ‘Reading takes you places’ poster idea. Great way to connect what they learn in class.

  2. Erica, what a wonderful and inviting classroom to start school in and spend the year. It is great. I would like to take a class in a room that looked like this one. Great place for you to spend the year too. I love the posters, both of them, but the “Reading takes you places” with the map to mark where they went is a great way to connect with what they are reading. Hope this will be a wonderful year for you, and the view—-Beautiful View—–
    Good Luck

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