My First BOM Challenge

So, I’ve decided to join the Canton Village Works BOM group.  I’m kind of excited and kind of a bit worried.  I’m worried because I just hope that I can keep up with the challenge, but I figured it’s just one block a month.  This shouldn’t be difficult.  However, I have a lot of other projects that are in the works that need to get done too.

I have been so worn out lately with work that I haven’t had the motivation to craft at all.  I’m hoping that will change this weekend.  My plans are to get several things finished.  I have a few mug rugs that have been special ordered that I need to get done.    I also have some pictures to post, but I need to find my camera first.

If you remember, I had to pack up and move in a matter of three weeks during August.  We sold our house, which was great news, but we had almost no time to pack and get things taken care of.  We are currently living with my in-laws because we had given up hope of selling our house and then all of a sudden we got a contract!

So, a lot of my things are still in boxes.  My craft area is set up, which I’m happy about, but between starting school and moving, there hasn’t been much time for a lot of other things.  It does seem though that things are finally starting to slow down, and I’m getting my feet under me again.

Now the search for a home in Denver begins, along with a new program at school and several new duties including 8th grade team leader and English department chair.  It’s been a crazy 6 weeks, but now my goal is to get some crafting done.   So, hopefully there will be some new pics soon!

Until then, here is a beautiful item that I found on Etsy the other day.  Isn’t is amazing!  I want to make one, someday.


One thought on “My First BOM Challenge

  1. Erica, glad that you are back. Hope you get rested up soon, and are able to get back to your crafting, as I know how much you enjoy it. What is this new club that you joined? Sounds like it will be fun, and I am sure that once things settle down for you, you can get more crafting done. Do you make a block each month for your own quilt, or a group project? Hope you have a good weekend, and are able to get some crafting done. Enjoy whatever you do.
    Love You

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