I Couldn’t Help Myself

Happy Saturday everyone!

I am so glad the weekend is here.  I have a few things to share with all of you.  First of all…I have a new love…it is dark, and rich, but not too sweet.  The new Starbucks – Dark Cherry Mocha.  Yum. 

Image of a dark cherry mocha

 I had no idea this wonderful little bit of sweetness would pop into my life just when I needed a caffeine pick me up.  I ran through the Starbucks drive through to get my regular: Grande, non-fat, 2 raw sugar latter…but…I saw the small, little sign on the speaker advertising this creation, and I thought, “why not?”.  So I ordered it – with non fat milk (I just don’t like regular whole fat milk), but kept the whip (of course).  I was expecting super sweet, but I was delightfully surprised when it was a subtle sweetness with the rich mocha.  So good.  I highly recommend you try it. 

Well, today I am off to trade in my Jeep on one of these –

I am quite excited, and am looking forward to the MUCH better gas mileage.  My Jeep is sucking my bank account dry with my hour commute every day, and when I get a job in Denver next fall, it will be 2 hours, so I figured I might as well bite the bullet now, since they have a fabulous financing deal right now.  Wish me luck!


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