Good News!

Well, I can finally, and I mean finally, reveal the answer to all the clues that I’ve been providing.  My darling, husband was offered a position to work at Raytheon in Denver!  He starts this month!  We are both very, very excited and so grateful for our good luck.  We have decided to relocate to Denver, but will wait a year and commute, so we can build even more equity in the house and hope the housing market turns around for us to sell next spring.  I too am also looking for a new teaching position in Denver.  It was time for me to move on, so I have been busy applying for open positions, mostly with Denver Public Schools and mostly in Elementary.  I think I’m ready to return to the younger ones.  I’m a bit burnt out on the teen attitude, if you know what I mean.  So, wish me luck, and if you have any advice on good neighborhoods in Denver (where we should look for a house) let me know!  Hugs, E


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