Modern Gray and Yellow


I don’t know what is up with me lately and my affinity for gray and yellow, but this weekend I stopped by one of my LQS’s (although they call themselves a “craft” store), Fancy Tiger Crafts.  As I approached the door, they had a rack of sale fabric sitting outside.  A sale??  Yes, please.  When I started rifling through the bolts I realized, “Hey!  This is Prince Charming from Tula Pink!!”.  I was super excited.  Especially because I didn’t have any of that line yet.  I know, I know, it’s blasphemy!  Well, now I do, and would you believe that I got a 1/4 yard of each bolt for less than $12 for all of them??  Insane!  I also grabbed some fabulous gray and yellow fat quarters that they had pre-cut already, and last but not least, I grabbed Julie from Jaybird Quilt’s Jawbreaker Pillow Pattern.  I have a plan for that pattern and my living room couch.  Now I just need to find the perfect fabric or jelly roll, hmm.  I thinking “Lark – Glamour” would look really spectacular in my living room. 


I also checked my mail today, since I didn’t remember yesterday, and I found a beautiful cross-stitched card from my grandmother for my birthday.  Inside was a Starbuck’s gift card (my saving grace this week, I can already tell), and some $ to spend as I wish.  I know that I will most likely be spending it on fabric, or possibly some other crafty item.  I’ll let you know.  Thanks Grandma!

Yesterday, I did a little shopping.  My mom and dad gave me an Anthropologie gift card for my birthday.  I LOVE ANTHROPOLOGIE!!  So, of course I spent it.  I got two fabulous tops (one is pictured below) and a lovely candle for my craft room.  It smells like honeysuckle (yummy) and it came in a light pink glass container that looks like hobnail glass (another of my obsessions). 


Well, that’s about it for now.  I better get to work on my lesson plans for this week.  Only three more weeks left.  Then…SUMMER and hopefully, a job (since I moved to Denver and just can’t commute 3 hours a day anymore.)  Here’s hoping it will be a good week.  Happy Crafting Everyone. 




One thought on “Modern Gray and Yellow

  1. Erica, I love the fabrics and colors. Grey and Yellow must be really popular this sprng, I see it all over. Love the top and the candleholder. Glad that you could find something pretty! It was a productive shopping day. Good job. Love you, Mom

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