Happy First Day of Summer!


It’s finished! This table runner turned out really great. The colors are the perfect accompaniments for summer. It’s big too, approximately 19″ x 44″. It makes quite a statement on a table.



I quilted it by stitching in the ditch with white thread. The stitches contrast with the backing fabric, which is a darker olive green. I love the way that the binding kind of blends in. I didn’t want it to stand out and take away from the fabrics. I will be listing this runner in my Etsy shop but not until I get back from my vacay.

I’m driving down to Albuquerque tomorrow to visit with my Grandma. Then on Saturday she and my Mom and I will be flying to Portland, Oregon to see my little sister and spend some fun “girl time” to celebrate my Grandma’s 80th birthday. It is going to be so much fun! I will try to check in and share some photos while I’m there. While I’m gone, I hope you all enjoy the first days of summer and get your craft on!! Hugs!

New cross-stitch start: The Feather Fairy!


I am starting a new cross-stitch pattern. It is the feather fairy from Mirabilia patterns. I LOVE Mirabilia patterns, and I’ve had this one for several years but never started it. That seems to be a trend for me. I decided that after all of the issues I had with my last large cross-stitch (I had to rip out half of it and redo it because it was off) I decided to create a grid on my linen to mimic the chart. This was an idea my mother-in-law taught me when I first started cross-stitching.


So basically all you do is find the center of your fabric and start with plain sewing thread that is in a color that you can see on the linen. I used red Coats and Clark thread. I like to use 32 count linen but it can be hard to see when you are stitching over two. With the grid, it makes it so much easier to count and stay on track. Yes it takes a little time to make the grid, but it saves so much time in the end when you don’t have to rip out stitches. When you make the grid, I use the thread and stitch over and under every 4 threads.


Then it is super easy to find your starting point and check your position with your cart. Another thing I do is I make a copy of my chart so that I can cross out or highlight areas that I have completed.

This is super helpful to make sure you stay on track. I hope these tips are helpful if you are having trouble with counted-cross stitching. Happy Friday!