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Hey everyone, 

Well, I can’t believe it but as I speak there is a huge blue jay in the tree outside my window having a stare down with my cat, Odin.  The sun is shining, hallelujah! and our temperatures this week have been in the 40’s and 50’s!  Please let spring be near.  I am so glad for the beautiful Colorado blue sky this morning.  I haven’t finished any projects since my last post, and I’m still waiting on those last beads for Tigerlily, so I thought that I would share a few fun finds with you all.  My homepage when I open up my internet browser is set to go straight to the ETSY main page.  I love it.  Everyday I am greeted by the fabulous, creative genius of my fellow crafters from all over the world.  Just this morning I saw the cutest handmade, felt quail (from – Sea Pinks).  Soooooo adorable.  

Decorative Plush Orange and Yellow Retro Flowers Quail
I also have to share some of the new crocheted ornaments and dish cloths made by my Uncle at HorseFeathersCraft on ETSY.  I have two of these dish cloths (they were Christmas presents, which I am remiss to say I have yet to mail the thank you card for – sorry Uncle Bill).  They are fabulous!  They really do scrub my dishes spotless, and they are so easy to care for, just follow the instructions included.  I also have several of these ornaments and gave several away as Christmas gifts.  I have one hanging from a cabinet door knob in my kitchen and the other one is in my fabulous office hanging from  my shelving organizer.  The new “Primavera” line is so beautiful.  He also will make custom ordered ornaments to match any color scheme!!  Notice how I have chosen to display the PINK ones…no reason really.
The Bubble Dishcloth in Cherry Swirl with White Stripe - 100 Percent Cotton
Primavera Pink No. 3 - Crocheted Floral Ornament in Antique White, Orchid Pink and Rose Pink
And then, there are the new albums on my Mom’s site, Inspired Memories by M, like the “Mom” one below.  How perfect of a mother’s day gift would that be?  You could fill it with fabulous pictures of your Mom with you, your kids, what have you, and then use the journaling areas to write your favorite memories.  I know it would bring on a gusher of tears and be a very memorable, heartfelt gift.  Just my humble opinion (btw – I want to wallpaper my office in the flower paper on the second page of the sample image below). 
MOM  Scrapbook/ Album

Mom Scrapbook - Sample Page


 Ok, well, until next time, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Enjoy the sunshine, if you have it.  I know I will.  Happy Crafting! – E 


Twin Baby Scrapbook – Inspired Memories


So, if this scrapbook doesn’t get you motivated to make something pretty then you need to go out and get some yummy chocolate and a pedicure to brighten your outlook.  Isn’t this fabulous.  No it isn’t my creation.  I did have a small part in it though.  I made the album using my Zutter machine (an amazing invention) and then sent it to my mom who through her business, Inspired Memories, designed the scrapbook.  This was a custom book that my mother in law ordered for the daughter of a friend who was having twins.  It was a difficult order because she wanted space for the babies but also for their 2-year-old sister.  The papers and embellishments are just so wonderful.  Almost makes me want a little one, (ok not really – maybe if I didn’t deal with alternative middle schoolers all day).  (Oh, by the way, I changed my page format a bit.  If you can’t find where to leave a comment there is a link at the end of each new post to click on.  It used to be up at the top.)

So the first picture, if you click on it you’ll get a better close up, is so cute.  The birds on the right hand page are actually flocked!  I know right?  So cute.  I would love to wallpaper a wall with that paper.  Here is another one.  I wish my picture wasn’t so dark, but that sticker of the clothesline pops out and there is actually a wire that the clothes hang off of.  Not to mention that the journaling block is hand done and my mom puts each individual crystal on the line, one at a time (this is all through the book).  Love the SPARKLES!!

This two page spread is for pictures of when the twins meet big sister.  So incredibly adorable.  I just know the family who gets this is going to LOVE it!  They are wonderful people.  I just love the rub on and the teddy bear and panda bear stickers.

Ok, this page has some super neat features.  This is for picture of the girls with their dad.  Look at the adorable animal stickers.  I wonder if she printed off the sayings on the computer.  Mom, would you let us know?  Did you print them on your computer or buy them? 

I have so many pictures, but I will just share a few more for today.  My mother in law loved this page.  She is a butterfly fanatic, huh Tita?  Aren’t these fun?  This and the other page with the flower fairies reminded me of when I was little and had a boxed set of miniature flower fairy books.  I loved that set.  I wonder what ever happened to it.

Ok, one more page today.  All I can say is “Holy Cuteness!”.  That paper has PINK SQUIRRELS on it!!  And the pink sparkle stickers…the pink rick rack…the fuzzy pink flowers….and the amazing pink bunny.  I can’t take it.  How fantastic!

So, take this inspiration and run with it!!  I think I’ll go work on that pillow now.  Hugs, Erica

Winter…still working

Ok, so I’m still working on this WIP.  I am getting to that point where I’m getting tired of it and long to move on to something else, but I will not let myself.  I want to get this finished.  I have made some progress, although not as much as I had hoped to make this weekend.  I did finish her stool, so at least she doesn’t look like she is floating in air.  I’ve also started on the stack of pots on the bottom right side.  Those shouldn’t take too long to finish.  The  plans on the floor will take a little longer, I think.  They have a lot of color changes in them.  Well, slow and steady wins the race.  I took this picture in the window and I liked the effect of the sunlight shining on it.  Almost like the sun is coming into her greenhouse. 

Moving on to other things…I must feature some works by my mom that she has finished!  Smartie pants.  These are two of her new pre-made scrapbooks that she has featured on her Etsy site, Inspired Memories.  I’m impressed, especially since I know she is also working on a few custom scrapbook orders.  Check on the link to her shop on the right side to see more pictures of these beautiful albums.  Hope you all had a great Tuesday.  I’m already looking forward to the weekend!  Hugs,