Ch, Ch, Ch, Chia! Herb Garden


I have been wanting a countertop herb garden for quite a while. So when my family asked for Christmas ideas, one if the items I told them that I wanted was an herb garden that I could put in my kitchen. So for Christmas my grandma sent me this super fun Chia herb garden. It is so cool. No messy potting soil; instead it has special Chia sponges. You soak them and then sprinkle the seeds on top. The package included 6 different seed packets to choose from. I chose basil, because I am Italian and live on basil. I also chose dill because I love to use dill with salmon and in my chicken salad and I prefer fresh dill to dried. The last one I chose is cilantro. It was a toss up between that and curly parsley but I use cilantro a lot more than curly parsley. Since I live to cook Mexican food, and we have taco Tuesday’s at my house it was my choice. Plus, I prefer flat leaf parsley.

I m super excited that after only a week they are already sprouting! It’s like a tiny bit of springy goodness on my kitchen counter! Yay! I can’t wait until I can use then in my cooking.


If it’s not spring, I’m not waiting.

January's Garnet Fairy

Isn’t this gorgeous.  Is it mine?  No.  This is the newest fairy by Mirabilia and Nora Corbett.  It is the January Garnet Fairy.  So pretty. 

I’m sure you are all wondering, when is that slacker going to post something new.  I think I have a few faithful followers who check this blog daily to see if I have been up to any new craftiness.  I hit a bit of a wall last week and am trying to get over it.  I haven’t done any crafting, but I did replant my herb garden (I was super happy that a few of them grew back this year – chives and sage and the infamous chocolate mint).  I added some greek oregano, basil, lemon thyme, rosemary and lavender, and I’m still looking for some good parsley and maybe some cilantro.  I also filled in an empty corner with a new flower bed.  It looks great and will be really pretty once the flowers grow in and I get some mulch on the ground.  Also, once the dogs get the picture that they aren’t allowed in there, I will take the lovely white, wire fence down. 


Some of the flowers that I planted in this garden are: columbine, ranunculus, pansies (mostly for color – they won’t last too long), Salvia, a type of feather grass, california poppies, Dianthus, and some other things that I can’t remember what they are called off the top of my head. 

I also planted a new red-hot poker (that’s what we always called them growing up) and a purple fox-glove in my front yard garden.  I am pleased to see the shoots of my two peonies that I planted last year are coming up in the front as well as my sea thrift plant, and a few others (can’t remember their names as well-sorry).  My roses are also leafing out and growing new shoots, and so are my two lilac bushes that I planted last year in the back.  Yea!! finally, we might have more than just dirt in the back yard.  Next step of the plan…sod.  Sweeeeeeet!