Swoon – The Beginning

Remember a while back (and yes, it’s been a while), I posted this picture of my prepped fabrics for my Swoon quilt?  Well, I have good news.  I used some of my long holiday weekend to actually start sewing the blocks, which I can honestly say, take longer than I had expected.  there are a lot of pieces to put together, but the end result is absolutely worth it!


Swoon fabrics cut.

Here are some of my process pics from the first finished block.  “Swoon” is made up of mostly HST’s (half-square triangles) and flying geese blocks.  So first I chain pieced all of the hst’s and pressed them open.

Chain pieced hst's.

Chain pieced hst’s.

Pressed open hst's.

Pressed open hst’s.

I continued piecing and pressing triangles and flying geese, and then putting them together to make 9 smaller blocks.

Smaller block 1

Smaller block 1

Smaller block 2

Smaller block 2

Then I combined all of the smaller blocks together, along with the square of patterned fabric to make one giant Swoon block!  I love how huge this finished block is.  Now I have to finish 8 more and then add some sashing.  Stay tuned.

Finished Giant Swoon Block 1

Finished Giant Swoon Block 1


2 thoughts on “Swoon – The Beginning

  1. Erica, it is beautiful. What a lot of work, but it really turned out great. I love the design and the colors. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Good luck and happy stitching. Love youi

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