Vintage Suitcase Upcycle

I’m Baaaaaaaaack!

So, how has your summer been?  The last month has been crazy for me, but I have also gotten a lot of things done.  A couple of weekends ago my best friend and I upcycled some vintage suitcases.  Have you seen this fun trend on Pinterest!  It was super easy and quick to do.  

finished suitcase

You can use one suitcase or two, depending on what you want your finished product to be.  This one is used as a side table.  The top suitcase still opens and can store items that you don’t want out in the open.

So, first we measured where the legs should go and marked where to drill the holes with the bracket.  (We found the brackets and legs in the woodwork/trim section at Home Depot).  


Now drill the holes.  


The brackets attach either by screwing them in with the screws provided, or if it works with your suitcase, you can use a longer bolt with the legs and insert it through the hole you just drilled and up through the bracket.


Now screw on the legs.  


We attached the two suitcases together by using Liquid Nails to attach the top suitcase to the bottom.  


To let it cure, we piled heavy books into the top suitcase and let it sit to dry completely.

suitcase sitting

And Voila!  My best friend printed off vintage Florida travel stickers and decoupaged them on!  Super cute!

finished suitcase

Coming soon: photos of my finished vintage suitcase upcycled bedside table and cat bed!


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