It’s been pretty crazy around here for a while. The end of my teaching year. A stressful search for a new teaching position. Interviews and second interviews. Lots of waiting. Even a trip to visit my parents.
I am happy to share that I found a wonderful, welcoming new school to work at in a new district here in Denver. I am looking forward to my new school year in August.
I am also happy to be able to spend some time crafting and reading and relaxing. So I started cutting into my stash to make this quilt. It’s called Swoon and it is from Camille Roskelly of Thimble Blossoms.


I also got this fun book from Camille that she just released, Simply Retro. It is really fabulous. I’ll share more later, but just know she takes retro blocks and makes some lovely modern quilts with them.

More to come…



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