The Luck o’ The Irish To You!

First off, Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  I hope you all are wearing some green so you don’t suffer from the dreaded “pinching”. 

Now for some more pictures of my decorating efforts.

Our new place has a small built-in office area.  I love it because I was able to get rid of our computer desk to free up more space for, what else, crafting!  When we first moved in it look like this.  Gasp!

office area before

office area before

It was a frightful sight, but thankfully it didn’t last long.  The area is so blah, that I knew that it needed some color and texture.  So first I thought about painting the wall behind the desk, but I couldn’t muster up that level of commitment.  So I started thinking about all of the cool new removable wall paper that I had been seeing online (ok, so it’s probably been around a while, but it was new to me).  Then I had an idea.  I could make my own “removable wall paper” and cut the price by at least a hundred dollars.  That stuff is expensive!  So I thought, what if I can find some really great large sheets of paper (thick, high quality wrapping paper possibly?)  On our one day shopping extravaganza, my bestie and I found our way to my favorite local stationery shop.  Sadly they didn’t have what we were looking for.  Remember my color scheme is navy, coral and gold?  So we went to a cute shop next door that has a really fun, eclectic collection of goodies.  It’s called Swoozies, and apparently it’s a chain?  I did not know that!  They have tons of fun stationary and cards and other great stuff, like Lily Pulitzer!  They also have great wrapping paper.  Erica and I found two different papers that we thought would work perfectly!  One was a navy geometric design on a craft paper background and the other was a brushed gold.  Then it was off to get some removable adhesive.  I got these glue dots that are supposed to be removable.  I tested them and they seemed to come off of the wall cleanly without removing any paint, but we’ll see in a couple of years if and when we move or I decided to change the decor.  I used almost all of them to put up the paper.

Glue Dots - Removable

So, what does it look like now?  Here you go.  Oh, I almost forgot, we also painted the front of the shelf with the same navy that we used on the bookcase to tie things together, since the office is pretty much in the living room and directly across from the awesome book shelf.  I plan on getting some really great pencils for that cup, like gold or coral, but for now all I had was vintage orange pencils.  Still love them!

office area redone

office area redone

office with mini bulletin board

side view with mini bulletin board

top office area

up close view of paper and top shelf

Did you see them?  The hedgehogs.  Aren’t they ADORABLE!!!  When I saw them at my favorite store in the whole wide world, Anthropologie, I just had to have them.  They are actually measuring cups, but, seriously, who would use them for measuring cups and stick them in a cabinet?  Those babies are for display!!  So cute!

Anthropologie gold tipped hedgehogs

Anthropologie gold tipped hedgehogs

See?  Ah…dor..a…ble!  The milk jug thingy is from Hobby Lobby.  Well, hope you all enjoy the green today!  Two more days until SPRING!  Happy crafting.

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