Embellishing a Lampshade

Embellished Lamps

Embellished Lamps

When we moved into our new place, we realized that there are no lights in the living room, so some lamps were necessary immediately.  On a marathon trip to IKEA, I picked up these two matching lamps.  I loved the simple shape and they give off a good amount of light, but the white shades were lacking.  So, after thinking about different options to deal with the shades (buy new ones, cover them, etc.), I decided upon using a little ribbon to embellish them and add some color.  The large floor lamp has a beautiful ribbon from Anna Maria Horner that is navy and ice blue.  The design is “Feather”, which I LOVE!  The smaller lamp has a beautiful coral and gold ribbon on it with a simple geometric pattern called “Spinning Wheels”.  Also from Anna Maria Horner.  I got them both from my LQS – Fancy Tiger Crafts.  Such an inexpensive way to add a little pop of color and tie the room together.  Here are some up close shots.

table lamp with coral ribbon

table lamp with coral ribbon

floor lamp with blue feathers ribbon

floor lamp with blue feathers ribbon

I also updated an old shade in the guest room/craft room.  The shade was just a plain natural drum shade.  I put a fun mini pompom ribbon along the bottom and then used a jumbo lilac ric-rac around the top.  It looks great, and also ties the shade into the colors of the room.

guest room shade

guest room shade

So, the next time your lamps need an update, check out the ribbon at your local craft store.  There are some gorgeous ribbons out there and it is such an inexpensive solution to add a lot of character!  Happy Crafting!

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2 thoughts on “Embellishing a Lampshade

  1. I have a lamp shade I have been wanting to embellish for over a year now. You have just inspired me to get to it! Yours came out so nice, very simple and elegant. nice job.

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