Vintage Book Shelf Redo

redone, color coded bookshelf

redone, color coded bookshelf

I have had this book shelf for several years.  It was originally my grandmothers.  It is solid wood and a great petite size.  So, when she was going to give it away, I snagged it up.  It was dark brown stained wood, but unfortunately had seen better days.  So, last weekend, my bestie, Erica, and I put it through some reno.  Erica painted the entire shelf navy blue.  Then she trimmed the front of the shelves in gold, metallic craft paint.  Then I taped off the back of each shelf and painted the backs a lovely shade of coral.  It looks so great! 

Then Erica did her organizing magic.  Seriously, she should be a professional organizer!  She took some of my books and arranged them by color.  Isn’t it funny how all of my poetry books are blue and white (or some hue of them)?  I also love how she organized the off-white novels on the second shelf by placing them in a step formation with the covers facing forward.  So cool.  I topped off the shelf with my very first cross-stitch finish (Tatiana, Queen of the Fairies – from Mirabilia), the ashes of our much loved and much missed Lucy (she passed two days after Christmas) and a library lamp.  The shelves are decked out with some of my favorite collectibles. 

I was inspired to do the color coded books by some of these awesome shelves:

What have you been inspired by lately?


7 thoughts on “Vintage Book Shelf Redo

  1. That looks awesome. I love the little lace under your galaxy ball. The fairy and the little wooden man look great at the top, good idea. She compliments the deco vibe. I love the little blue pitcher on the books. Some bright, glossy gold decorative item would catch the light nicely as well. Well done friend.

  2. The bookshelf is beautiful! You gave it a whole new life, and inspired all of us to try something new and different. Thank you!

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