This weekend I am moving.  Not far, only about 7 miles, but any move is stressful and lots of work.  Thankfully, the weather should be nice on Saturday, which is great because right now it is snowing like crazy!  I have been working little by little to get things packed and cleaned so that we don’t have to rush around getting everything packed before the movers arrive.  Yes, we have movers helping out because we are moving to a third floor unit and there is no elevator, and it seems that nowadays just the mention of “moving” has people scrambling like rats on a sinking ship.  No one wants to help people move anymore.  What happened?  I have helped so many people move over the years.  Oh well.  I am actually looking forward to having the movers because I wasn’t looking forward to moving heavy boxes and furniture up three flights of stairs.  So, I have been working to move all of the boxes that I have packed down to our garage to make the loading of the truck faster, thus less expensive. 

It’s funny, I have packed 90% of our townhouse and the amount of space in the garage that I have filled up is so SMALL!  I must have done a really efficient job packing and purging.  I got rid of a lot of stuff!  Anything that we hadn’t used (aside from heirlooms) since we moved a year ago, I donated.  We had quite a bit of stuff that we haven’t touched.  I figure if we haven’t used it in 12 months, we won’t miss it!

So, now I am thinking about design and decor for our new place.  There are a lot of windows, and our unit faces West, which I am super excited about!  Our current unit is north/south facing, with most of the windows on the north side.  We get some light, but I LOVE sunlight from the west.  You get sunsets and warm afternoon sun.  I am getting really excited about the prospect of decorating a new place.  We are allowed to paint, yay!  So I’m still trying to decide what level of painting commitment I want to make, since we will have to paint over it eventually when we move again.  Not for a few years.  

confetti wall


I am also looking at vinyl wall decals.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and am in love!  I am thinking of getting gold and navy blue circles.    They are 2″ in diameter and I want to put them in a similar pattern, like confetti falling from the ceiling.  I think it will look really cool trailing down the walls in our living room.  I also LOVE the console in this particular shade of coral, which is the same shade I posted a few days ago.  It’s called coral gables.  LOVE!  Well, that’s enough for today.  Gosh I wrote a lot!  I hope you all are having a great week out.  Wish me luck with my move. 


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2 thoughts on “Moving…thoughts.

  1. Good luck with the move! Hope your new place works out for you all. I know it will look great no matter the decor decisions. You always do such a great job! Love, Meg

  2. Yes, good luck with your move Erica. Hope it will all go well, and you will soon be able to relax in your new place. Sounds like you did a great job packing etc. And good luck with your decorating plans too. I am sure you will come up with some great ideas, and it will look wondeful. I really like the coral color, it gives me a relaxing feeling, and it is so pretty. Take care with the move, and again good luck. Love Grandma

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