Hexis, Field Study, and Lilies


I’ve been working on lots of projects lately. I can’t say that I’m getting anything finished, but I am making progress. I used some of my new fabric for this super cute hexi flower. They are 3/4″ hexis and I have plans to join them with a flour sack towel or two.


A few weeks ago Craftsy was having a sale on charm packs so I got two of AMH’s Field Study line. I knew I wanted to do big pieces to show off the patterns, and these 2.5″ hexis will do them justice. I think I’ll mix them with some solids to make them pop. I’m thinking maybe black for a background.


Finally here is my last little bit to share. I’ve been working on this lily sampler for…ever. It might take me for…ever more to finish but I’m slowly making progress that medallion in the center is killing me. That lily is stitched 1 over 1 on 28 count fabric. I think I need a microscope.

Well I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek. I hope you all have a great week!



3 thoughts on “Hexis, Field Study, and Lilies

  1. Erica, looks like you were busy this weekend crafting. Way to go. You are making progress, and I know how it is to get someting started, and then turn to something else, and you do wonder if you will ever get them done, but you will. Love the colors of the Hexi flower. Will be anxious to see your finished project with that. The charm packs have some really bright color and patterns. What are your plans for that? You are coming right along with the Lily Cross Stitch, I know how long those pojects can take, and I do know that I would need a large microscope to do that one. Gook Luck and have a good week. Love Grandma

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