Getting Ready For Paper Piecing


Tonight I’m busy cutting out the template for my sugar block club tomorrow. We will be paper piecing and making a North Star block. Have any of you ever made this block? I am looking forward to it. This will be my inaugural attempt at paper piecing. It looks pretty easy to get the hang of.
I’ve seen a lot of complaints lately while I was researching info on paper piecing. A lot of people think its wasteful both with paper and fabric. This block’s instructions came with cutting info too. I believe that this is to limit waste. As far as the paper is concerned, I don’t mind using some paper to make a beautiful block or a few.
I have no idea which fabrics I’m going to use but it will be gorgeous no doubt. I’ll take more pics tomorrow so check back to see my progress. Hope you all have a great weekend!



5 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Paper Piecing

  1. I love paper piecing, some blocks simply require it and you will never get the same accuracy with piecing. No worries about bias edges streching or pieces slipping. I don’t mind using the paper either, I am with you on that. Good luck and have fun!

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