Aprons, Salt Water, and oh yeah…93 Persuasive Essays

This week I have been working on several things a little at a time.  It has been a busy week.  I got a lot of packing and cleaning done for our move next month!  Holy cow I can’t believe it is a month away (actually less than a month now), but I am super excited to move to our new place and have a new start.  As some of you may know, I am a Pinterest addict (who isn’t right?) and I am constantly pinning ideas on there.  I love Pinterest!  I have a lot of boards, although not nearly as many as some people have.  One quilter that I follow, Lori Holt, has over 200!  I don’t know how she even keeps track, but I love to see what she is pinning.

As I was browsing my recent pins, I noticed a pattern within my pins.  A lot of them have triangles in them, more specifically HST’s (half square triangles).  For some reason I have been drawn recently to these simple, geometric designs.  Like this great quilt and pillow, which gave me some great inspiration for my yellow and gray stash that I have been hoarding for a while now.  I just love the cleanness and freshness of these colors.

I am loving HST's right now.Flying Geese Pillow Cover

Another trend that I have been obsessed with is color palettes.  I am trying to decide on a new palette for our new place and I have drawn to the combination of coral, navy and gold with a touch of Tiffany blue.  See what I mean.

confetti wallstudio bon textiles @Schumachercoral_bells wallpaper by holli_zollinger on Spoonflower - removableColor Palette

So, what have I actually been crafting this week?  Well, Rebecca, a friend of mine saw a pin that I put on Pinterest of a super cute craft apron and asked me if I might be able to make one like it for her.  She is a Stampin Up demonstrator (visit her demonstrator page here and check out their awesome products!) and does craft fairs and such, and she wanted an apron with the Stampin Up fabric.  So, always up for a challenge, I said sure!  I had a pattern already for a craft apron that I thought would work with a few tweaks, so first I made a mock up apron using the pattern to see what I wanted to change.  I’m glad I made the mock up, because there were definitely some things that I wanted to change, most specifically the pockets and fabric placement.  The original had 9 pockets but the middle pockets are so shallow, they don’t really hold a lot, so on the second one, I made only two rows of pockets that are deeper and will hold more.  I also made more skinny pockets for pens and pencils in the front.  The second apron isn’t finished, yet.  I”m hoping to get it done later today, but first I must finish grading Persuasive Essay.  Any of you who are teachers, know how long that can take!  Ugh!

mock up apron

mock up apron

2013-01-27 08.16.44

in progress apron

I also got some new fabric for my stash!  I am so excited about these because I have been waiting for them to be released.  My mom and dad gave me a gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop for Christmas and I knew exactly what I wanted to get.  These beauties are patiently waiting to become something fabulous, if can muster up the courage to cut into them.  I was lucky enough to get both colorways: ripple and waves.  So yummy!

Well, as much as I’d love to stay and chat, I better get going and get working on those essays.   Wish me luck that I get them done today!  Have a great last week of January!!


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5 thoughts on “Aprons, Salt Water, and oh yeah…93 Persuasive Essays

  1. Wow you are a busy lady!! I love the new color combinations you are thinking about for your new home. I really like the yellow and greys as well. I really like the clean color combinations. Love, Love the new fabrics they will make something wonderful I am sure. The Craft apron is a great idea, really cute. One of these days I will get back into quilting if I can ever find where I put my sewing machine!! :0) love mom

  2. Erica, great fun to read your message today. I love the colors in the triangle pattern,of yellow and gray. It is a really pretty combination. Also really like the great color combinations of coral, navy , gold and tiffany blue, especially the blue, great color for your new home. Just gives you a really great peaceful feeling. The craft aprons are great and will be really handy for any crafter. Also like the color and patterns of your new material from fat quarters. I am sure you will come up with some great ideas for them. Hope you were able to get your essays graded. Have a great week. Love Grandma

  3. Good luck with all those essays. I have some compare and contrast essays coming my way in a few weeks so I can feel your pain. As much as I love teaching that grading gets to be time consuming…

    Looking forward to see your newest projects! I love how many ideas you can find on Pinterest (now if only we all had enough time to make them all…)

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