My New Endeavor!


Happy New Year!

I have done it again.  I’ve decided to join another Block of the Month quilt along.  This time it’s from Stitchery Dickory Dock and it’s the Sugar Block Club!  I am pretty excited about it because along with participating in this block of the month, I will also be completing my blocks at my LQS Fancy Tiger Crafts.  They are holding a monthly Sugar Block Club class on the first Saturday of every month!  So not only do I get to make super fun blocks, but I also get to join other quilters in the process.  Yay!

This should be the perfect opportunity to get back to my crafting after a busy and difficult second half of last year.  The first few months of this year will be busy as well.  Obviously I’ll be starting a new quarter at work and at the end of February we are moving…again!  We are staying in Denver, but moving to a new, smaller place since we just don’t use all of the space we are currently paying a premium for.  I am looking forward to a new start in a new place.   It will, however, involve some creative organizing solutions for my crafting stuff because I will be losing my craft room.  No worries though, the kitchen table has been my families crafting area for many a year, so I just see it as going back to my roots. 

I have also decided that this blog is going to become more universal for me.  It won’t just be a craft blog (although it will have all of my crafting endeavors on it!).  I am also planning to share more about my life in general and my other interests too like reading and cooking.  So stay tuned for more updates, including my fabric choices for this quilt along.  I have several front runners, and I better make up my mind before my first class tomorrow! 

Happy Crafting!



3 thoughts on “My New Endeavor!

  1. Oh if that table could talk!! I like the new format and will look forward to hearing, and seeing more. Glad to have you back. Mom

  2. Erica, so glad you are back on your blog too. Can’t wait to see what you will be making in both of your quilting classes, but so glad that you are back to crafting. Yes, the dining table has always been a place for crafting in our family, and will continue to be. Brings back lots of memories. Will also look forward to continuing to read your blog, as I always enjoy your writing, you know that. Happy crafting and good luck with all you have going on. Grandma.

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