Second Jawbreaker Pillow Finished


I finally finished my second Jawbreaker pillow. It came out great! The colors are just what my living room couch needed. The fabrics are different from the first one because I used a jelly roll so I didn’t have the same fabrics to make a copy. However, I absolutely love how they are complimentary to each other. I stitched in the ditch around each hexagon. It accents the pillow without taking from the great design and patters on the fabric.


I bound it in the same navy that I used on the other one for some cohesion. Here it is finished and with its twin on the couch.



I’m not sure what I’m going to work on next but I’ll let you know. I also have more books to read. Here is a pic of just a few of my to-be-read summer reads.


I’m currently reading The One and Only Ivan. It is wonderful. I recommend it to all ages and interest! Well happy crafting, reading, and relaxing!



2 thoughts on “Second Jawbreaker Pillow Finished

  1. They turned out beautifully Erica. I love them on the couch against the dark brown. Great job as always. That is quite a stack of books, should keep you busy for a while! love you.

  2. Great job Erica, The pillows are both beautiful, and look really nice on your couch. I think my favorite of the two is the last one you made, love the colors and patterns in it. Looks like you are going to be busy reading for now, with all that reading. I might have to look for a couple of them at the library, as they look good, including the one you are reading. Enjoy, and have a great day and week.
    Love You

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