Everything but crafting…oh well.


So, I started out the week strong with my crafting but the week has gotten away from me. I did get quite a few other things done. I planted my pots for my deck. They turned out great. Three of the pots are full of herbs and the fourth has lively flowers in it.


I also got several books read. I finished Divergent. I also finished Written in Bone which is a nonfiction book about how archeologists discovered the buried lives of Jamestown and Colonial Maryland. It was really interesting.


Right now I’m reading Mockingbird, a beautiful novel about a young girl with aspergers and her struggle to cope with the death of her older brother. After that, I’m really excited to start The One and Only Ivan by K. Applegate.



3 thoughts on “Everything but crafting…oh well.

  1. Thats OK as long as you are enjoying your summer break. Some days it is so nice to just sit and read especially on that nice sunny deck,. The pots turned out beautifully and how handy to have the herbs right there by the kitchen. There is always tomorrow to craft.

  2. Sounds like you have had a nice relaxing week, Always nice to take time to read and enjoy, and looks like you have a wonderful deck to do that on. The crafting can always wait, as it is fun to do other things too. Glad you are able to do a little gardening, and the pots really do look nice. Great colors in the flowers, and I know you will enjoy your fresh herbs. Makes food taste so yummy. Enjoy your weekend.

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