Jawbreaker Pillow Almost Finished


I sewed all of the rows together and then trimmed the piece down to a 14.5″ square. The pattern called for a 15.5″ square but that was slightly too big for the pieced section that I made. I’m not sure how mine was too small for the called for size, but it worked out just fine with the borders.

While I was pressing the pieces, I was taken by how pretty the seam side looked with the different colors.


I am almost done. All I have to do is sew the binding on tomorrow and the first one will be finished. Then I’ll start the second.


I’m really looking forward to how these will brighten up the living room. More pictures tomorrow.


One thought on “Jawbreaker Pillow Almost Finished

  1. Bright and beautiful Erica. I really like the way they came together. They will really brighten up the couch. Keep it up, and happy quilting

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