The truth that binds…

Soooooo, I’m almost done with this adorable baby quilt. All that’s left to do is the binding, which I will do tomorrow night. I rushed home ( as much as one can rush when they have an 80 mile commute) so that I could finish sewing on the borders and make a quilt sandwich. Then it was off to the races with my fabulous Singer Quilters Confidence machine (thanks again Dad and Mom). Have I mentioned how much I love the walking foot for quilting int he ditch. I did a simple pattern along all of the horizontal and vertical lines. Then I outlined the inner border and fill in with some diagonals.


I love the effect of the quilting on the front. It made cute little pillows which really set off the fabric. I am super pleased with the results. The binding will be a solid purple. I didn’t have any patterned fabric that worked and I am only using what I have in my stash. Can you believe I didn’t buy anything to make this quilt. Well, let me rephrase that…I didn’t buy anything recently, within the last three months. Everything for this quilt I had already.


Well until tomorrow, I hope you all have a great Thursday! Keep Calm and Craft On!


2 thoughts on “The truth that binds…

  1. Absolutely Beautiful Erica!! Wonderful job, love the colors and the patterns against the white. Recipient is very lucky to be getting this. You haven’t lost your touch with your quilting, bet it felt good to get back to it.

  2. Erica I can’t believe that you have finished that much on the quilt already. It is beautiful, and will make a wonderful gift for anyone who receives it. The colors are so pretty and the pattern, and I like the little pillow effect with the white backing. Beautiful. So glad you are back at your crafting, and hope it is a great stress reliever at this time of year at school. Keep it up and Happy Crafting.

    Love You

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