Pinwheels, Prairie Points, and Terrain

Today I got some more work done on my project. The pinwheel blocks were done, so I arranged them 3 across and 4 down to make the center panel. Then I added the small 2″ inner border. Then came the fun part. The prairie points.

I’ve never done prairie points, so I was a bit wary, but they are really easy. I found that t was easier to add one at a time while I was sewing them on rather than pin them all first. When I tried to pin them all, a lot of them shifted and got wonky.


After I got all the prairie points basted on, I added the top and bottom outer 5″ borders. I still need to add the side borders and then it will be ready to put together and quilt tomorrow night. Then the only thing left will be the binding! I live this fabric line. It is so beautiful. I might have to make a copy of this quilt to keep for myself.



More updates tomorrow! Happy crafting everyone.


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