More Quilt Uber-Fest Blocks

Tonight I should be at a dinner party, but unfortunately I woke up with a horrible sore throat and have been miserable all day.  So, I thought I would share the uber-fest blocks that I’ve finished this week.  Here is the first block.  It is called “Homes” and is designed by Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts. 

The next block is by Ryan Walsh at “I’m Just a Guy Who Quilts”.  It is called “Watch Over Me” and it symbolizes Sleeping Beauty in her castle surrounded by the castle walls.  My castle walls turned out a bit wonky, but I still like it.  The periwinkle blue really pops.


Then I completed number 7 called “In The Corner Pocket” by Scott Hansen of Blue Nickel Studios.  Scott is the creator of this Uber-Fest quilt along.  Thanks, Scott!!

Number 8 is from April Rosenthal at Prairie Grass Patterns.  April named this block “Chevron Dreams” and I love it.  I think it would make a really great quilt pattern. I used some fabric that wasn’t part of the Lakehouse Dry Goods line in this because I was worried about running out at the end.  The grey purple is a Kona shade (sorry I don’t remember which one).  It turned out really well.  I seem to be getting better at matching the small pieces up. 

The final block that I’ve finished so far this week is #9.  It is from Cara Wilson at Cara Quilts and it is called “Bear Cabin”.  I love how she used the bear paw in the block with the log cabin.  Genius!  I used a batik fabric that matched the color way of the Lakehouse Dry Goods fabric I’ve been using. 

Well, here’s hoping that my throat will feel better tomorrow.  Otherwise, I have a feeling I will be pretty unbearable to be around.  Happy crafting!



2 thoughts on “More Quilt Uber-Fest Blocks

  1. Erica, These are beautiful quilt blocks. I think my favorites of them are the “Corner Pocket” and the “Chevron Dreams”, but they will all make a really beautiful quilt. Hope you are feeling better today.

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