Quilt Uber-Fest Progress

I got three more of these blocks finished yesterday.  These are the blocks from Blue Nickel Studio’s Quilt-UberFest.  I’m really have a great time making these.  I think that the blocks show of these gorgeous fabrics so well, and I’m really happy about that because I’ve saved this fabric for so long waiting for just the right project.  I can’t wait until I get all the blocks done.  This second block “Flying North” (above) was designed by Kaye Prince at Miss Print.  I really like how it looks like the geese are flying over the log cabin.  I also absolutely LOVE that pixelated blue print.

The third block is designed by Karen Linton.  It’s called “South for Winter”.  This was a super easy block to make, but the result is beautiful!

Finally, is day 4 from Konda Luckau at Moose on the Porch Quilts.  This one is called “Cabin in the Woods”.  I was a bit daunted by the thin strips in between each section, but they turned out great!  When I chose the fabrics for this block, I decided that  I wanted just the small blocks to be the cabin and the rest of the pieces were the flower gardens around the cabin in the woods.  It turned out better than I had hoped.

  Well, that’s it for now.  Today I’m off to Denver to hang out in the city while my poor husband is at work.  I’m going to drop him off and then head out…Ikea maybe? Park Meadows Mall definitely.  I’m also going to go by a new town home development to check out the area and see if it might be our next neighborhood.  Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Hugs, E


One thought on “Quilt Uber-Fest Progress

  1. Erica, These quilt blocks are really pretty. I love the colors, since blue is my favorite color, but I really like the designs you used to put them together. Another wonderful job. What are you going to do with the quilt blocks you are making? Whatever, Happy Quilting, and have a great week.
    Love You

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