My Version of “Jelly Girl”

I’ve been working most of this weekend on this quilt.  Just yesterday, this quilt top was just a bunch of strips made of pieces of fabric pieced together.  Now, it looks like an actual quilt top.  I love this pattern, and I love how the “Verna” fabric pops against the white.  It is made from a jelly roll of “Verna” from Kate Spain and some white Kona fabric. 

Now, I need to add the borders.  I’m adding a white border surrounded by another color, but I don’t have any fabric for the outside border, or the binding, or the backing.  Oops.  I guess I better get some so I can get this finished.  Here is a close up of some of the blocks and a picture of the pattern from Fig Tree and Co.

Oh, and now that we have moved and have been reunited with our cats, my quality control manager is baaaaaaaccckkk!!


2 thoughts on “My Version of “Jelly Girl”

  1. Erica, It’s BEAUTIFUL!! I love the colors and the fabrics. What a great job you did! You should not be worried about doing a block when you put out work like this! Congrats. by the way on joining that group, I think it will be great fun. Glad to see you getting your craft mojo back. By the way Merlin is sure getting big. I bet she and the others are very happy to have you back. Looks like she is doing her job well :o) Again congrats. great job.

  2. Erica, wow you just got right to work on your crafting this weekend. Great job. I really like the material and the pattern, it will be another beauty when you are finished. By the look of your “Quality control manager” eyes, she is saying it is about time you are back. Keep up the wonderful work. Have a great day today, and a great week.
    Love You

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