Look What the UPS Man Left

So, I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when the UPS man in the big, brown truck dropped off this box.  Thank you Crazy Mom Quilts and AccuQuilt!

Here is a peek inside.

Here is the Go! Baby in the box and also the three dies that I chose.

I have already tried it out by cutting some of my scraps into 5″ squares.  It was soooooo easy!  It brought back memories of cutting out shapes for my bulletin boards at school, but this is so much better, because I am cutting gorgeous fabric to make into beautiful quilts!

On another note, I finished the binding on my Glory/Hidden Stars Quilt.  I really like this star fabric.  It is from Robert Kaufman.

Finally, it has been hot here and muggy.  After a long swim at the lake, one of my two girls, Penny, was exhausted!! This is a favorite position of my dogs.  So, silly!


3 thoughts on “Look What the UPS Man Left

  1. How fun Erica. So how does it work exactly, the cutter. Are the mats sticky like the Cricket ones? How do you hold the fabric in place?
    The binding on the quilt is really nice, it really adds to the whole thing. Good choice.

    That’s why they call it the “Dog days of Summer”? Our dogs don’t even want to go outside.

    • So the cutter works this way. You take the die and put it foam side up, then you put the fabric on top of that, and then you take the cutting mat (thick plastic) and put it on top of the fabric. Then you roll the whole thing through the machine by turning the handle in the direction that you want the die to go. It is really simple. No electronics, just a hand crank and roller. As the die, fabric, and cutting mat move under the roller, the roller pushes down on the cutting mat and fabric and the foam gives way to the metal cutting blades inside the foam. You just roll it all the way through and voila! Two 5″ squares. Super easy.

  2. Erica, how exciting that you have your new quilting machine, Sounds like it is really going to be nice and fun to use. I will be anxious to see what pattern you make with it. Your star quilt turned out great, and I am sure you are glad to have it finished. The binding really adds to the quilt. I think Penny has a great idea, she looks so comfortable. Nice and relaxed.

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