Almost Finished!


This is Aida, the garden fairy, and she is almost complete.  I have almost finished all of the beading.  I just have to add the blue beads on the right side and outline certain parts with back stitching.  I plan to have her up for sale on my Etsy site sometime this weekend.  The crystal treasures are all on.  There are crystals, flowers, and leaves.  They are just beautiful.  There are tons of beads on this fairy, which took forever to sew on.  Her garland of treasures glisten and sparkle. Take a look.

Here is a Charlie update (I call my squirrels Charlie).  This one is “Skinny Tail Charlie” because his tail has never grown in like a full bushy squirrel tail.  He is about 3 years old.  Yes, I put peanuts out for my squirrels.  The blue jays love them too!



One thought on “Almost Finished!

  1. Erica, WOW—what a beauty, she is beautiful. You have put a lot of hours of work on her, but she really is so beautiful. Great job.

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