Pillowcases and Pixies

Ok, so it’s not really a pixie, it’s a faerie, but it was close enough.  I thought I would send out an update on my latest project progress and another finish.  I had some leftover jelly roll strips (2 1/2″ x wof) and I decided to use one to embellish a pillowcase.  I used a plain white cotton pillow case and sewed the jelly roll strip right down the center of the edge of the pillow case.  Then I embellished it with some vintage lace and some pretty pearl buttons.  I think it turned out quite cute. 

I used some coral pink thread to sew the buttons on so that the thread would stand out against the buttons, and it came out great!  I think I have come up with another project that I can make and sell on my Etsy site (not this one though, it was a special project).

On the cross-stitching front, I have made some s.l.o.w. progress on my fairy, but I am glad to say that I’ve finished the wings (especially the dreaded metallic thread) except for the beads that are interspersed on them.    I’ve also gotten a lot further on the skirt.  Still not finished with it though.  Here are some up close shots.  You can really see all the different colors that blend so beautifully.

And finally, if you did not already know, I’ve opened up my own shop on Etsy.  It is called “The Notions Basket”.  I don’t have a whole lot posted on there yet, as most of what I make takes quite a while to complete.  However, I do have three lovely cross-stitches, including my “Tiger Lily Pixie”.  The prices are very reasonable as well, especially compared to many of the similar offerings on Etsy that are going for $100+.   So, if you have minute, check it out http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheNotionsBasket?ref=pr_shop  and let me know what you think.  As always, Hugs to all, until next time.


2 thoughts on “Pillowcases and Pixies

  1. Erica, you are making great progress on your cross stitch. The colors in the skirt are really pretty. I can understand why you are glad to be finished with the metallic thread in the wings, as it is not easy to work with. This fairy is going to be beautiful too. Also what a great way to enhance a pillow case. It really turned out great. Great Job—-Happy Crafting
    Love You

    • Erica, What a great idea with the pillow case. It’s georgeous. I bet I know where it was going? Over the road maybe? The fairy is also coming along really nicely.
      The colors are really beautiful. Are you going to post her on your etsy site as well? Keep up the good work!

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