One (almost) Down; One to Go

I am almost done with this towel.  Just a few more stitches and the outlining (backstitching) to complete.  I should be done early today.  I am also working on my Aida fairy.  I bought all the beads and crystal treasures yesterday (that was a small investment!).  I should buy stock in Mill Hill; I wonder if they are publicly traded?  Anywhoo, I think that today I will sew the back for my quilt and make the quilt sandwich and decide how to quilt it.  I’m not sure if I’m going to hand tie it or try to quilt it on the machine.  If I use my machine, then I’m probably just going to stitch in the ditch to make big poofy squares.  That would look nice.  Then I also need to sew the binding together.  I’m going to use the left over jelly roll strips from when I made the tote bag with the Martinique jelly roll last summer.  Well, until I post again, I’m sending lovely, spring wishes your way.  I can’t wait till these beauties bloom.  Would you believe I got them at the grocery store?


One thought on “One (almost) Down; One to Go

  1. Erica, you are really coming along with the towel. I can’t believe how much you have done on it. It is really going to be nice. Sounds like you are keeping busy on your spring break. Glad you are enjoying doing your crafting. Keep it up.
    Your going to have some beautiful and fragrant flowers when those hyacinths bloom. Enjoy your last day of spring break today, and have a great weekend.
    Love You

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