Spring Projects

Happy Spring Everyone,

Gosh it’s been a whole season since I last posted.  Things around here have been crazy, and the doldrums of winter kept me unmotivated for several months.  However, I am back to crafting, and now that the house in on the market, there are no more house projects to complete. 

I have not worked on my Martinique quilt for a while, but I did take some pictures and the top is all finished.  I also have the fabric for the back ready to sew together and then it is on to sandwiching it all together and quilting and binding.  Here is the top nice and dryer wrinkled.  The wind here today is awful, and this is best picture I could get.

I have also been working on my fairy cross-stitch.  I have gotten more of the skirt completed.  It doesn’t look like it, but there are so many colors and every time I have to switch to a new color it just seems to take forever.


I’ve also been working on this towel cross-stitch.  My uncle made me a set of kitchen towels with this pattern and they proudly hang in my kitchen (only for show, I had to warn my husband not to use them).  I’ve had a lot of complements on them so I decided that I would make another set.  I actually had the pattern, too! 

So, I’m sure some of you are wondering why I would make another set of the same towels.  Well, I’ve decided to open a shop on Etsy.com to sell some of my projects, mostly cross-stitch right now, and I though that these towels would be a great project to put on there with some of my more detailed, time-consuming projects.  Anyhow, I am still working on the store, and will let you know as soon as it is open.  Until then, hopefully I’ll have some more progress to share with you tomorrow.  Hugs, E


One thought on “Spring Projects

  1. Erica, glad to see you back on your blog, and back to doing some crafting, as I know how much you enjoy doing it. The quilt is going to be another beauty, like the others, and the fairy is coming along great. I know how you feel about it taking you so long to do, especially when you have to keep changing colors. You work and work, and hardly get anything done, but she will be beautiful like the other fairy pictures. I also like the towels, and think it will be great for you to set up a store on Etsy and sell some of your work. You do such a great job, and enjoy doing it. It will give you a chance to bring in a little something on the side, while enjoying what you are doing. Great idea, and good luck. I will look forward to seeing your shop, and what you are making.
    Love You

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