We are in the final weeks of preparation for putting our house on the market.  When we met with our realtor, she loved the inside of the house, but suggested that we work a little on the “curb appeal”.  This is a tall order in the dead of winter, one of the coldest in decades in Colorado.  It is actually prettier when there is a blanket of snow covering up the yard than now when the snow is mostly gone and all is left is dead everything.  So, I went to work trying to figure out what to do.  First I ordered the wreath from a wonderful Etsy creator at twoinspireyou.  Her wreaths are just wonderful and worth the price.  It is big, almost 2′ across, and heavy!  That is good so that it won’t just fly off in the wind.  I also picked this one because it is neutral enough to last through a few seasons.  I already have some beautiful wreaths my mother made, but none of them would work for a “winter” non-Christmas wreath.  I love it.  I will be painting the front door red this weekend and I think it will look extra good then. 

I also went looking for planters that would look good on their own without any plants..winter.  I love the glazed pots that I found at Lowes, and I also got two matching plant stands to put them on.  The plant stands were on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $10 a piece!  Then I bought an assortment of twine, twig, and glass spheres to put in them for some texture and color and sparkle.  They were also 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby. 

Finally, I found the pyramid trellis, also at Hobby Lobby for $20!  It looks good in the winter *aka* dead rose garden.  Just enough to catch someone’s eye.  This weekend, we will be remulching all of our planters with dark brown mulch (more color-even if it is brown) and hopefully with temps in the high 50’s the snow will be gone as well.  What do you all think?  If you were buying a house, would this curb appeal to you?  If not, I’d love to know why, or give me your ideas for improvement.  Now, lets just hope that Punxsutawney Phil was right about an early spring.  I’m freezing here!

*Just a little hint about my next post.  It has something to do with this lovely layer cake from 3 Sisters for Moda.


One thought on “Home

  1. Erica, I think the house looks great. It would sure invite me in if I were looking for a house. I think the red door will really add to the front too, and make that beautiful wreath stand out. Were you able to get the front door painted this last weekend? What a clever way to dress up the planters. They look almost magical in those pots. They are really pretty. Great job Erica. Hope it warms up, and Spring gets here soon. That always makes things look up outside, after the cold and snowy winter. Take Care and Good Luck with the house.
    Love You

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