A New Year, A New Start

Well, as you can probably guess, I haven’t done much (ok any) crafting as of late at home.  I have been scrambling to get my new classroom in order and up to par for my students who come on Wednesday!  I not only have middle school students; I have 125+ 8th grade students.  I love eighth graders for their ability to hold mature, deep discussions and my ability to push them toward excellence.  What I don’t love about eighth graders is their sense of entitlement and demeanor of being “gods/goddesses of the school” aka attitude.  However, I am amazingly excited about the prospects of this year not only for my students but myself.  I hope to grow and become a better teacher than I am today.  I can’t wait. 

As I was thinking about the uphill battle that has been laid out before me, I was reminded of my trip to Florida this summer.  The picture above is of a track made by a mama sea turtle going on shore to lay her eggs.  Now turtles are not by any means fast.  Can you imagine how long it took her to crawl up the shore, dig a big hole for her eggs, cover the hole, and then crawl back down (hence the two lines – one for going up, the other for going down)?  That is dedication my friends!  What I also found out is that they do this process, crawling up, digging hole, crawling down, several times before they find just the right spot to deposit their precious progeny.  May I strive to embody that kind of dedication this year. 

Hugs, Erica


3 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Start

  1. Good Luck Erica, You do have a challenge ahead of you, but knowing you as I do, you will handle and do very well with it. You also have the dedication that the turtles have in your example, and you will do it and make this a good year for your students and yourself. I was reading the new papercrafts magazine today, while up at Aunt Liz’s with the boys and saw a school days card, and it said ” The influence of a good teacher can never be erased”. I know that you have influenced many students in your years of teaching, and will continue to in the future. Again Good Luck Wednesday and all year.

    Love You

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