If you have been following this blog, you will know that I LOVE Tula Pink fabric.  I was so disappointed to hear that she was leaving Moda for Free Spirit, however, that will not keep me from indulging in this gorgeous new line.  Plus Free Spirit also hosts Anna Maria Horner who I LOVE as well.  I don’t know when this line will be released but I can’t wait.  Look at those colors! 

On another topic, I got my keys and passcard to get into my new classroom!  I am super excited.  I have more technology than I know what to do with: ceiling mounted projector with added speakers, interwrite board with tablet, a document camera, laptop, laptop docking stating, computer monitor (so I don’t have to look at the tiny laptop screen), full size wireless keyboard (so I don’t have to type on the tiny laptop keyboard + entering grades is so much easier with the number keys on the side), a personal printer, a dvd/vhs combo player, and a scanner, oh and a wireless mouse!  Oh and one more thing, I have a class set of 30 laptops in my room all to myself!  Crazy!!!  I am so excited.  The school has 1100 laptops, not to mention several pc and mac computer labs, a video production classroom, and iPod touch class sets!!!  Can you say “Welcome to 21st Century Teaching!”.  Ok, don’t be jealous now.  Ok, you can be a little jealous.  I’m a little jealous of myself to be honest.  The one drawback…aside from the interwrite board all I have are…wait for it…chalkboards!! Huh???  Not sure what to do there.  I might be making a trip to Lowes for showerboard, which works just like white boards with EXPO markers.  I’m super excited though, so my creative juices are starting to flow in relation to decorating my classroom.  I have 13 days and counting until the kids come through the doors.  Ahhh!  I better get working.



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