Mystery Project Finished


Here is my mystery project that I gave you a glimpse of yesterday.  I made myself a new tote bag for the new school year.  It will be just perfect for lugging home all of the papers that I will have to grade.  Plus, it is washable!  The whole bag is pieced and machine quilted by me.  I used 3 Sister’s “Martinique” jelly roll and a yard of heavy weight blue ticking fabric.  I also used some of the left over pot holder batting instead of just regular batting because I wanted it to be more heavy-duty.  I also lengthened the straps to 26″ instead of 21″.  Where did I get this wonderful idea?  Right here on the Moda BakeShop Blog.  I am so happy with the finished project, and actually since each of the inside seams are covered with binding, it is just as cute inside out.  It reminds me of a Vera Bradley bag except that I love these fabrics and never really like the fabrics on her bags.

Here are a few more pictures.  Oh and I added buttons to where the handles attach.  Just a little shine!

The front:

The back:

Here is the inside.  Lots of room!

Another project finished!


7 thoughts on “Mystery Project Finished

  1. IT’s wonderful and beautiful. You did a great job!!
    Love the fabrics and colors! You should be very proud of it and yourself. It will be perfect for school.

  2. Great job Erica, I really like the school bag that you made. You should be very proud of it, and it sounds like it will be wonderful for school. A new bag for a new job at a new school—–how great is that?
    Love You and have a great weekend

  3. I love the bag. It really came out nice. I love your blog too, it
    is very inspiring. I want to get all my unfinished quilts and
    cross stitch projects going. Thank you so much for sharing.

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