Me Run a Half Marathon??

Ok, so call me crazy, but I have signed up to run this half marathon with my best friend, Erica next February.  So, since I am in no way, repeat no way, a runner, I figured that the 16 week training program that I’m supposed to start in October is not going to cut it. Yesterday I started a 5K training program to get me started.  It is 8 weeks long and my super supportive husband has started it with me.  I was a bit shocked to see that after the first day, which is cross training (I did 30 minutes of yoga and ran/walked a mile), that on my first running day I was supposed to complete 3 miles!  I didn’t think that I could do it.  I didn’t run the whole thing, but for my first running day, when I haven’t done any real physical activity for 3+ months I was pleased to finish all three miles in 49 minutes.  The crazy news?  Tomorrow is 4 miles, but I am resolved.  Even if I have to walk most of it, at least I’ll have done it. 

On the creative front, I have been working on my new curriculum for the new job I start in a couple of weeks.  I’ll be teaching 8th grade English and ONLY 8th grade.  Yea!  I’m very happy to only have one grade level, and I love 8th grade because they are at an age where they are still creative but you can challenge them and have real in-depth conversations.  However, there is a ton of curriculum to get through before CSAP (standardized testing) in March, but I’m up for the challenge and excited to be moving forward with a new position at a new school in a new district.  Did I mention my new school is super high-tech!  So COOL.  This(Galileo School of Math and Science) is where I’ll be working this year.  They are adding 8th grade, so almost the whole team will be new.  And another bonus, the principal is one I’ve worked with before and she is amazing, super supportive and motivating! 




4 thoughts on “Me Run a Half Marathon??

  1. BRAVO, TO YOU! Wishing you well in your training and your run. You are an inspiration to us all. You have our support (even if it is from the couch!) ;o)
    Seriously, I am very proud of your resolve and your ambition. You will be running the 5K in no time.

    So happy for you and your new job. I know that it will be a much more fulfulling position for you,
    We love you!

  2. Way to go Erica. I think you are doing wonderful, and I am sure with your determination you will be able to complete the run in February. I admire you for doing this, and you are a great inspiration to all of us. I was thinking of you the last time I was at the Healthplex, and I walked the inside track four times. Two more than I usually do. That is a third of a mile. I might make it to a mile by the time you do the 5k. I am so proud of you, and think that it is wonderful that you are going to do this.
    I am also very happy about your new job. I think it will be wonderful for you, and a great change for you. So happy that this one worked out. You will do great, and as you always do, you will make a wonderful difference in so many students lives. Keep up the wonderful work.

    Love You so Much

    • Congratulations on your new job!!! I am soo happy for you that you found a place that will be a happy place for you. It does make all the difference.
      Also…..I love the fact that you jumped in and signed up for a marathon. I have much respect for you on that front. I like running, but long distance like that is just not my thing. I hope it’s a fun journey for you. Don’t forget to take your fish oils to help your heart and joints in your marathon journey. Also good to make sure your Vitamin D and Calcium are up to snuff as well.
      I wish you much luck! Keep us updated.

      Love ya!

      • So I forgot to include my question….do you run the marathon dressed as a disney princess? That would be cool. If not, then you and Erica should totally wear tiaras during your marathon. :0)

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