Adia Progress

I have made a considerable amount of progress on this pretty lady.  How you ask?  Well, to be honest, I have spent a bit of time watching the World Cup matches on tv.**GO USA!!**  I am definitely having my yard sale this Saturday.  I’ve posted it on Craig’s List and hopefully will make a little bit of money for my trip.  Fingers crossed.  I have done quite a lot of sorting and price marking.  I decided to mark the items with prices because it can get crazy on yard sale day, and I think I end up short changing myself when I don’t put the price down and have to think up one on the fly.  So, anyway.  That’s that.  Hope you all are having a splendid day!



One thought on “Adia Progress

  1. Hi Erica, you really have made a great deal of progress on your cross stitch. Way to go. She is going to be as beautiful as the other ones that you have made. Good luck with your yard sale this weekend, and have a great rest of the week.
    Love YOu

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