A New Heirloom

Today my friendly mailman rang the doorbell and handed me an unassuming brown cardboard box marked “Very Fragile”.  I could tell immediately it was from my parents.  I also knew that it was our anniversary gift, because my mother told me it would be late.  Inside the brown box was a beautiful handmade card with well wishes from my parents and two post cards from Bogenreif Studios.  There was also another card with a short story from my mother explaining the studio and how she came to learn of it.  While she and my grandmother were visiting my uncle in Iowa, they visited this studio and learned about the art of glass blowing and stained glass.  While there, my mother ordered us this gorgeous vase.  Isn’t it beautiful – the swirls of pinks and creams (my wedding colors)!  I’m almost afraid to put it out, for fear it will get broken.  I will make sure that I place it somewhere high, and inaccessible to Merlin.  I love it!  Now I just need some flowers to put in it.

Speaking of flowers, here are some of the English garden roses that have finally decided to really grow and flower now four years after I planted them.  Yes, they smell as beautifully as they look!


2 thoughts on “A New Heirloom

  1. So happy that you love the vase! It looks very regal nestled in the middle of your pewter candlesticks.

    The roses are also beautiful, made a very nice photograph.

  2. Erica, glad that you like the vase. Your Mom thought it really looked like something you would like when she saw it. They do make beautiful glass vases. Love the picture of the roses. Your camera takes great pictures. The roses are so pretty, you can almost smell the fragrance of them.
    Take Care

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