New Project

I’ve decided to start a new cross-stitch.  Actually, it is already started.  I think I started it five or six+ years ago.  I remember messing up on her face and having to tear out all the stitches.  So, I’ve put the santa aside and am working on this one.  She is called “Adia the Garden Fairy” and this is what she should look like when I’m done.  Right now all I have done is the front of her dress.  Still no camera (won’t even be thinking of buying one until I get a job).  So, I will borrow the in-laws camera again soon to show you progress.  I should get a bit more done today since it is cold here (in the 50’s!) and cloudy and icky.  I’m not too inclined to do anything else.  I spent most of last week cleaning house, so I don’t have to worry about that.  Tomorrow it should be warmer, so I’m going to start sorting and pricing items for my garage sale this weekend. It’s supposed to be in the 80’s by then.  I’m considering trying to talk my husband into selling the big couch and just using the loveseat from the basement.  It will be a hard sell.  That couch is quite comfy and really huge (a.k.a. a again to get down the stairs and out the front door).  Wish me luck with the sale.  Hugs – Erica


2 thoughts on “New Project

  1. Hi! I am having a great time. If you do not sell the coach I buy it from you. It will be great for my classroom.
    Good luck!
    Love you

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