Flower Garden Pictures


Hi guys,

Today I borrowed my in-laws camera to take some much better photos of my Flower Garden quilt top.  I draped it over our fence to get the afternoon sun, so you can’t see the top, but the colors are so true in these photos.  You can also see part of my herb garden in the foreground.  My chives are flowering and so is my sage.  They both have the most beautiful purple flowers.  Also my lilac, which I thought died, has leafed out beautifully.  No lilac flowers this year, but hopefully next spring…  Hope you enjoy these new photos.

Hugs, Erica


One thought on “Flower Garden Pictures

  1. Erica, these new pictures show the beautiful colors in the quilt so much better. Shown with your herb garden and with the sunlight it really brings out the colors. Wonderful job. Keep up the beautiful work.
    Love You

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