Yes, I am still alive.

Well, I thought I should post something so that you all would know that I am still alive and kicking.  I haven’t done a darn creative thing for near two weeks now.  Unless you count finding ways to keep my 8th grade students motivated to work in my class.  For that I’ve plied them with promises of food and soda.  It worked…well enough.  Between applying for new jobs, wrapping up my current position, end of the year activities with my students, job interviews and…oh yea…grading of final projects, I can barely keep my poor eyes open until 7:30.  Sad, I know.   

On the bright side…today I was so impressed with the turnout for my 8th grade research project presentation and “family meal”.  Each student created a family history scrapbook, with various essays on pieces of their past, present, and future.  Then today they presented them and brought a special family dish to share with their classroom family.  We had a great time learning about favorite pets, family auto histories, sports histories, heirlooms, traditions.  Much fun and good food was had by all.  The most interesting dish, by far, was the Kentucky Fried Mac and Cheese…basicallybaked macaroni and cheese with shredded Kentucky Fried Chicken mixed in.  It was gooooood! 

So with 4 short days left I am feeling the tug on my heartstrings of having to let these kids go.  I have taught some of them for three years in a row now, and I will definitely miss them (all of them).  I hope I made a difference. 

This makes me think of the Starfish Story.  It is a story that relates to teaching so well.  Here it is (thanks to 



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